India’s Best Contract Manufacturing Partners For Diapers

SOLIS HYGIENE PRIVATE LIMITED is in the business of manufacturing superior quality Adult Incontinence products which include Adult Tape Style Diaper and Adult Pull -Up diapers.

Our adult diapers are made with the best quality materials, sourced from the best global suppliers. We manufacture super absorbent and leak proof diapers that are designed to handle moderate to heavy urine leakage.

We Manufacture Customizable Diapers For Top Brands

We are third-party manufacturers for India’s leading brands like Reliance, Entero, Tata, Zota and Firstcry. With a passion to create the most comfortable products of the finest quality, we perceive ourselves as more than just contract manufacturers – as partners with the brands we serve.

Highly Sanitized & Fully-automated Plants

SOLIS HYGIENE PRIVATE LIMITED has high-speed production machinery equipped with cutting-edge technology. We believe that innovation is the key to standing out and staying ahead of the curve, thus we are continuously trying to adapt to the changing industry demands and come up with innovative solutions to serve our clients with the finest products.

We have brought the greatest experts together under one roof and equipped them with world-class technology and processes.

Why Choose Us?

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Manufacturing is our forte because we keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technologies and harness them to manufacture quality products - which keeps us ahead of the market.

Adaptability To Market

We have a fully-equipped facility, efficient procedures from raw material acquisition to finished goods delivery, a well-experienced workforce, and strong business relationships, all of which enables us to stand out in a diverse market with changing trends.

Key Account Managers

At SOLIS, we have brand representatives known as Key Account Managers who are devoted to one brand. It allows for hassle-free transactions with the brand every time and building long-term partnerships with brands.

Experienced Team

We gathered the best experts under one roof and equipped them with cutting-edge technology and methods with which they work and contribute to our growth. Our team proactively keep themselves updated with changing technologies and market trends.

Centrally Location

The strategic location of our plant in central India (Pithampur) gives a logistical advantage as all four corners, including the major ports, are reachable within 24 hours, enabling seamless transportation connectivity.

Dispersed Plant Facility

We can work without any hurdles and prevent delays in the processes and transitions of raw materials and completed goods due to the dispersed, multiple locations of our plant across Pithampur.

Taking Care Of Elderly & Feminine Hygiene

KA Enterprises : It manufactures sanitary napkins & panty liners situated at Sanwer road Indore.

Swara Baby Products contract manufactures top-notch baby diapers, situated in Pithampur, Dhar (M.P.)

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