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Embark on the journey of a long and stable career. Join the number 1 contract manufacturers in the hygiene industry in India and embrace professional growth. To apply for the open job position, write to us at

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Why Join Solis?

Training & Development

At SOLIS, we focus on the continuous learning and growth of our staff. That's why we have a meticulously designed training and development program for employees at different stages of experience with the company. Our human-driven approach is inspired by the belief that humans are the most critical resource in the growth and success of a business.

Opportunity For Innovation

We believe that innovation is the key to standing out and staying ahead of the curve. Here, we constantly find ways to adapt to the dynamic market requirements and come up with cutting-edge solutions. That's why we get the best of talents under one roof and gave them world-class technologies and processes to work with.

Work-Life Balance

Our commitment to work-life balance recognizes that your personal life is just as important as your professional one, and we strive to create an environment that encourages both. We offer a range of employment benefits that help you manage a healthy work-life balance, such as paid leaves, paternity and maternity leaves, fixed working hours, etc.

Rewards & Recognition

At SOLIS, we recognize and reward our employees for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. We provide a range of rewards and recognition programs, including competitive salaries, performance-based bonuses, an employee of the month/year awards, etc. We strive to create an environment where employees feel valued, appreciated, and respected.

Equality & Inclusivity

SOLIS is dedicated to to fostering an environment of equality and diversity. We recognize the value of different perspectives and strive to create an environment where employees of all backgrounds feel welcome and accepted. We also strive to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to succeed, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, age, or any other class.

Employee Engagement

We have established a strong culture of collaboration and communication between staff members, and we strive to create an environment that encourages employees to be engaged in their work. We also offer mentorship programs, team-building activities, organize competitions from time-to-time, and other initiatives that foster a sense of belonging and engagement in the workplace.

Guidance & Support

Guidance & Support is a key benefit of working with SOLIS. We understand that with the help of right advice and support, our personnel can reach their professional goals. We provide our employees with the resources they need to succeed, such as access to professional development courses, mentoring opportunities, and other materials to help them stay on track.

Good Work Environment

Working in a good environment is one of the most valuable benefits a company can offer its employees. A good work environment is one that is positive and encourages collaboration, creativity and open communication. At SWARA, we ensure that the work environment is healthy and conducive so that our employees feel more comfortable, productive and enjoy their job more.
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Experience SOLIS

We're a fully automated plant; situated in the heartland of the industrial hub of MP - Pithampur (Dhar). We put people first as the most important resource because only people can convert methods, materials, and machines into value.


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